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After suffering from depression and anxiety for 3 years, I went on anti-depressants in October 2016 and had such an extreme transformation that I felt the urge to paint and create surreal worlds of colour to illustrate the beauty I suddenly saw in the world. 
I am inspired by all the beautiful things we have access to so easily online, via instagram and tumblr. We are exposed to endless images of amazing faraway places, idealised interiors, and beautiful looking lives. Using these images in my work is a way of me directly using my inspiration but collaging it with other things I think will work in the space. These paintings are my escape, and my expression of joy and beauty. 
I have a desire to put my own spin on my inspirations, and in this way it sort of feels like I am a part of this fantasy world that is the amalgamation of these images. 
My work is intended to offer the viewer a sense of calm without the cold colour palette that is normally associated with tranquility. I want my paintings to radiate heat and offer a peaceful sanctuary simultaneously. Having lived in rainy England all my life, I guess it's a form of escapism.